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Is Your Blotchy Skin Down To Sensitivity?Is Your Blotchy Skin Down To Sensitivity?

Is Your Blotchy Skin Down To Sensitivity?

Sensitive skin can mean anything from a little sunburn to a full-scale rash. While the cause varies from person to person, proper skin care is always going to be part of getting back that healthy glow. If you see blotchy skin in the mirror, don't panic. Your skin type just needs a little extra TLC.

What is Making You Uncomfortable?

Many different factors cause skin to be irritated. For some, that blotchy, uneven look runs in the family. Itchy areas may be the result of a medical problem such as eczema or dermatitis, too. Things in the environment like pet danger or exposure to a certain plant can cause a rash. The key to managing these conditions is recognizing when skin needs special treatment including using cleansing products designed with sensitive people in mind.

Getting Relief for Sensitive Skin

Take a two-pronged approach to deal with your sensitive skin. First, identify potential triggers if possible through the process of elimination. For example, are you reacting to a new detergent or a new product you’ve added, or to something you may have been using for a long time? The second step is to address the symptoms in order to get relief, and that means finding ways to manage your sensitive skin and avoid triggers.

Relief comes in many forms. A combination of lifestyle changes and effective skin care products like the AVEENO® ULTRA CALMING® Foaming Cleanser provides a soothing balance that can calm sensitive skin while making your skin feel wonderful at the same time. Start by looking closely at the itchy areas on your body:

  • Is there a rash on the skin?
  • Do you see any sores or blisters forming?
  • How does the skin feel? Is it hot to the touch?
  • Have you had any accidents or are you taking new medication that might be causing discomfort?

Open areas on the skin mean you should consult with a doctor. Some medical problems show themselves with a rash, and there are also skin conditions that require medical treatment in addition to skin care products designed for sensitive skin.

Things You Can Do to Stop the Itch

Most likely, you'll find that the best relief comes from the things you do at home.

Turn down the heat - Have you noticed that hot water amps up the itch? Keep the temperature down when taking a shower or bath. You can apply a soothing AVEENO® Skin Relief lotion afterward, while skin is still wet, to help prevent further drying.

Use cleansing products with natural ingredients - Nature has a way of promoting healing while calming your sensitive skin. The AVEENO® ULTRA CALMING® Foaming Cleanser can be the right combination of silky and soothing for sensitive skin. It is also fragrance free for a gentle approach to skin care. ACTIVE NATURALS® Calming Feverfew formula helps soothe the itch, so you don’t scratch as much.

Choose clothing that won't irritate your skin - After you pamper your skin with AVEENO® products with naturally derived ingredients, cover it with soft, loose material.

Do what is necessary to keep from scratching - Keeping nails short and covering your hands at night with cotton gloves will help keep you from making the problem worse and help prevent infection.

Skin sensitivity isn’t something you have to accept as part of life. Take steps towards the skin you always wanted with products containing naturally derived ingredients, because nature has its own way of healing. AVEENO® products such as the ULTRA CALMING® Foaming Cleanser are designed with your sensitive skin in mind. Combined with lifestyle changes, AVEENO® products for sensitive skin can help you calm the itch, so you can focus on more important things.