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BB Cream or CC Cream: What Does the Difference Mean for Your Skin?

We want to help you understand the difference between BB and CC Creams so that you know how they keep your skin healthy and radiant.

So many skin care products, so little time to choose. Are the A, B, C’s of skin care making your head spin? Whether it’s BB or CC, both of these initials stand for saving you time.

These creams combine the powers of separate products to hydrate, protect and provide coverage for your skin, allowing you to cut down on the amount of effort in your morning skin care routine.

Even though BB and CC creams protect your skin and keep it looking healthy, both creams work in different ways, provide different results and also offer varying benefits.

Are you wondering which option is right for you? Here is a rundown, which will allow you to choose the right type of cream for your skin type:

BB Cream: Beautifying your skin in multiple ways

BB creams were first developed in Germany by a dermatologist who wanted a single cream that had a dual purpose: to protect the skin and provide coverage.

What is a BB cream?

Short for ‘Beauty Balm’, BB creams have quite the ‘to-do list’ – they can surprisingly do the job of six separate care skin routines in one convenient formula. An example is the AVEENO® CLEAR COMPLEXION® BB Cream with SPF 30, which can do the work of a moisturizer, primer, sunscreen, concealer and foundation, all-in-one.

Easy to apply, BB creams can be worn alone on a daily basis, and offer a light and natural finish.

CC Cream: Correcting problems with ease

While the difference is subtle, CC creams differ by focusing on correcting uneven skin tones.

What is a CC Cream?

Short for “Colour Corrector”, “Colour Control”, or “Complexion Corrector”, these creams brighten the skin, and in the case of AVEENO® POSITIVELY RADIANT® CC Cream with SPF 30, your skin is protected too.

Made with ACTIVE NATURALS® Total Soy Complex, this CC cream also provides natural looking coverage, while brightening and protecting. The end result? Luminous skin.

CC creams generally offer a lighter consistency and can also be worn on a daily basis. Lastly, if redness, acne or dark spots are common culprits, CC cream might be the right choice for you.

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