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6 Surprising Skin Problem Causes

Your day-to-day can be a problem for your skin's health and beauty. Learn about these common causes that might be affecting your skin’s natural beauty.

Great skin care isn’t always intuitive. Did you know you may actually be able to improve your skin’s appearance by washing less?

Natural beauty is about more than just your choice of cleanser or moisturizer. Other aspects of your day-to-day can cause breakouts or dry skin. Ignore these and you could be undoing all the hard work you put into your skin care product routine.

With so much going on in your life, it can be hard to apply rigorous tests with your skin care, so here are some common environmental causes that may be holding back your natural beauty.

Which ones sound familiar?

Your Cell Phone: Your cell phone could be the number one culprit. On average, we check our phones around 150 times a day. Think about how much bacteria is transferred from your hands to your phone every time we check our phones. Now think about when you receive a phone call; that bacteria are now being pressed on to your face. Rather than cutting down on call time, keep your phone clean and consider a headset for longer calls.

Your Hands: We use our hands for everything. Even if you wash them regularly, dirt and germs may still be present under your fingernails. Try to avoid touching your face, especially in areas where you’re already breaking out, as you are essentially transferring bacteria from your hands to your face. If you are in the habit of touching your face, try keeping your hands in your pockets or keeping them busy when you’re not using them.

Treated Air: Whatever the season, treated air can often dehydrate the top layers of skin, leaving skin feeling dry and irritated. Indoor heating in the winter, along with the dry air outside, can really strip away moisture. The same applies to air conditioning in the summer. When hot outside air is cooled inside an AC unit, moisture in the air is lost, which is why water often drips from air conditioning units. To counter the effects that air conditioning and indoor heating has on your skin, apply a moisturizer to still-damp skin to effectively seal moisture into your skin.

Over-Washing: Keeping your skin clean is important, but over-washing and over-exfoliating can actually irritate your skin and make acne worse. It’s recommended to wash your face twice a day with a mild cleanser for acne-prone skin. Try to avoid harsh soaps or cleansers. Limit exfoliating to no more than twice a week, otherwise you risk getting dry, red, or irritated skin.

Hot Water: Try to resist the temptation to use overly hot water in the shower. Although it may feel relaxing, using hot water can remove oils from the skin too quickly, causing dryness. If you notice red itchy patches on your skin after you shower, this is a sign that your skin has started to dry out. Instead, shower in lukewarm water for no longer than 5 minutes.

Make-Up: You may be tempted to cover up your blemishes, but if you do, avoid potentially clogging up your pores by looking for make-up with labels like “oil-free” and “non-comedogenic”. At the end of each day, make sure to thoroughly wash make-up off your skin to keep your pores clean.

Now there’s nothing standing in your way of achieving great skin! Have you been affected by any of these skin problem causes? Now it’s your turn to try out these tips and see the difference in your skin.

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