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Aveeno® ULTRA CALMING® Nighttime Skin Care Routine

When you don’t get enough sleep, one of the first places it shows is on your face. Your face will tell others the story that you are not sleeping at night or are stressed or overworked. Lack of sleep makes your skin look tired, dull, and older than your age.

As your day is winding down, follow this nightly skincare ritual which will prepare your skin for a nightly session of healing and rejuvenation.

  1. Set a regular bedtime and stick to it.
  2. Fine-tune your sleep environment. Make sure your bedroom is the temperature that you like and that it is kept as dark and as quiet as possible.
  3. Try drinking chamomile tea at bedtime. It will help relax your senses and allow you drift off to sleep easier.
  4. Cleanse your skin with an all-natural skin care product such as AVEENO® ULTRA CALMING® Foaming Cleanser. Work it gently into your skin to remove all traces of makeup and impurities. Rinse with pure lukewarm water and a gentle washcloth.
  5. Next, your skin needs moisture and revitalization. Your nightly skin care routine should always include applying an effective, night cream to your face and décolleté. AVEENO® POSITIVELY RADIANT® Intensive Night Cream is an excellent choice due to its effective moisturizing, anti-aging and restorative properties.

Tired skin often sags and loses its radiance. Dark circles come out because a lack of sleep causes the blood vessels in your face to dilate. Following a nightly sleep and skin care routine is the best way to ensure your body is getting the care it deserves. Other than getting some much-needed shut eye, selecting skincare products which are designed to enliven tired skin will give you a great head start.