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How to Cope With Acne During Pregnancy

Surprised to see your skin break out with acne during pregnancy? Read this article for tips to cope.

During pregnancy, it may come as a surprise if your skin breaks out with acne. After all, the ‘bloom’ or ‘glow’ of pregnancy due to increased blood circulation and moisture retention is supposed to be one of the benefits of your nine month journey.

Unfortunately, not every woman will experience this. In fact, half of all pregnant women can expect to develop acne, particularly in their first trimester.

The reason for this is simple: hormones. Just as menstruation or menopause can lead to acne, changes to your hormones during pregnancy can lead to breakouts. The increase in hormones causes your body to produce more sebum – the oil that keeps our skin soft. Too much sebum blocks pores, leading to acne.

Getting rid of acne can be challenging enough without the added stresses that come along with pregnancy, so what steps can you take if you are having problems with acne during pregnancy?

Check the ingredients

Check to make sure that the ingredients in any products that you intend to use to reduce acne are safe to use while pregnant. For example, products with Retinoids or isotretinoin should be avoided as they can be harmful for your baby.

  • Products such as benzoyl peroxide are safe to use. You can find an extensive list of ingredients to look out for on Always consult with your family doctor before taking any medication while pregnant, even if you’ve been taking it before your pregnancy.

Take care with acne medications

Some oral prescription drugs such as isotretinoin, tetracycline, doxycycline and minocycline should be avoided as they can lead to possible abnormalities. Oral antibiotics are considered safe, however speak with a healthcare professional for the full picture on what is recommended for you during your pregnancy.

Keep to a skin care routine

Many of the tips that apply when you’re not pregnant still hold true here for maintaining your skin, such as:

  • Washing gently using your hands and a mild soap or cleanser
  • Patting your face dry rather than rubbing it
  • Using oil free moisturizers and makeup
  • Taking a shower after exercising

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